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Die-cut stickers

Quetzal Bird

Size: 1.46″ x 3″


The Biarte logo is based on the majestic quetzal bird native to Guatemala. Our brand colors represent the bright and attractive colors of the quetzal.

The quetzal hides in the thick jungle of Guatemala and stays distant from people.

We look to embody the uniqueness, beauty, and mysticism of the quetzal.


Finca chimelb guatemala cacao farm

Finca Chimelb

Magnificent farm located in Lanquín, Alta Verapaz, in the north-central region of Guatemala. The farm has an exceptionally diverse clonal garden to evaluate both heirloom and new clones, monitor tree productivity and compatibility, and use data to increase yields. Additionally, Finca Chimelb is focused on eco-sustainable cultivation planting shade crops like rubber trees to control soil erosion, planting cover crops like Brachiaria grass, and reproducing beneficial fungi to naturally restore less fertile areas.

The result of all this effort is an exceptional and award winning cacao bean and a chocolate that will make you lick your fingers!

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