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Biarte Craft Dark Chocolate 70%

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  • Award-winning, premium quality cacao beans.
  • Sourced directly from Finca Chimelb located in Lanquín, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.
  • The farm is committed to environmentally friendly cultivation and quality.


Flavor Profile

Well-rounded chocolate, sweet and smooth, yet intense and persistent. It has a strong fruity taste with caramel and molasses in the beginning. It carries a distinct and nice citric and raspberry taste with a coffee hint taste at the end.

Finca chimelb guatemala cacao farm

Finca Chimelb

Magnificent farm located in Lanquín, Alta Verapaz, in the north-central region of Guatemala. The farm has an exceptionally diverse clonal garden to evaluate both heirloom and new clones, monitor tree productivity and compatibility, and use data to increase yields. Additionally, Finca Chimelb is focused on eco-sustainable cultivation planting shade crops like rubber trees to control soil erosion, planting cover crops like Brachiaria grass, and reproducing beneficial fungi to naturally restore less fertile areas.

The result of all this effort is an exceptional and award winning cacao bean and a chocolate that will make you lick your fingers!

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