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Our Story

Your Connection to the Tropics

Our Story

Feel the Tropics

An idea born in the tropics and materialized in Texas, we aim to offer a variety of specialty foods that will make you feel in the green mountains of the tropics.

A lifetime of inspiration

I grew up at a coffee farm on the beautiful volcanoes of Atitlan, Guatemala. After arriving in the US for the first time, in my luggage, I packed my “personal bag” filled with coffee and honey from the farm. I shared it with friends and I was surprised by their reaction. I knew immediately that I needed to share some of the special and unique products the green and fertile land of the tropics have to offer.

End-to-End Trade

Biarte is based in Austin, Texas where we receive and ship our roasted coffee. We import the green coffee beans directly from our family-owned farm in Guatemala called Finca Santo Tomas Perdido. The green coffee is stored in a warehouse in Houston, where it is shipped to roasters. Biarte’s journey has just started and we are excited for what’s to come!

Empowering our growers and communities

Having lived and grown up at a coffee farm, I recognized the importance to support the local communities and create a positive impact. I witnessed how the farm was a sustainable economic motor for the region and a leader in sustainable practices. My experience turned on the desire to create development and opportunity and I made sure this principles are transferred to the core values at Biarte.

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We skip intermediaries and import our products directly from the producers.

Sustainable Practices For a Sustainable Future

Biarte is a product of a passion for coffee, people, and nature. 

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Crafts from Atitlan

Atitlan, Guatemala has the reputation of having some of the best coffees in the world, but they also have beautiful and special crafts from local artisans. Atitlan has outstanding artisans that create crafts of great quality. We will look to partner with local artisans to support their art.

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More products soon!

Coffee was the initial inspiration, but we are working on bringing more specialty products! On the works are delicious tropical wildflower honey and specialty cacao.

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