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Our Origins

Biarte Coffee began with the purpose to restore the meaning of direct trade and bring you some of the best coffee produced in all Central America.

We import the green coffee beans directly from our family-owned farm in Guatemala called Finca Santo Tomas Perdido. We prepare all the paperwork for the import/export process and land the coffee at a warehouse in Texas. Some of the green coffee is distributed to roasters and some we roast and package it locally.

The coffee is always under our responsibility, from the moment it leaves the farm to the moment you receive it at home, and that way we can guarantee that you receive only the highest quality products.

Our Background

Biarte’s founder, Carlos, and his family lived at the coffee farm in Guatemala since he was a child. The entrepreneurial seed was planted while living at the farm when he felt the desire to share the wonderful coffee with everyone that would appreciate it. He wanted to tell the story and show people that the work at the farm is not easy, but it is incredibly gratifying. The dream was to create a bond with the coffee drinkers.

The journey started after Carlos finished his master’s program in Texas. He imported his first sacks of green coffee, very few, but it was his first success. Importing is not something you learn online; you must dive into it and make mistakes to understand how it all works.

The hands-on model is one that connects you directly to the source. We take the leap straight to your door. We start by planting, growing, and harvesting the coffee in Guatemala, and subsequently, we import, store, and roast locally. This is the best way to share with you our excellent coffee.

Our Mission

Biarte’s mission is to connect our customers to the best specialty products from the tropics. We seek to work together and directly with the producers to select the best quality while paying prices that allow them to continue doing what they love. We believe that economic prosperity for the farmer is the precursor to environmental sustainability.

Biarte coffee is a personal gift from my family to yours. For generations, we have proudly dedicated ourselves to planting and growing the best coffee.

Now, we are closing the wide gap between the coffee drinker and the farmer.

We plan to add to our network many more farmers and friends from Guatemala and our neighboring countries. Click here and get to know us better.

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