First Love – Signature Roast

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  • Premium quality, freshly roasted coffee.
  • Direct trade & single-origin from our family farm in Guatemala.
  • Coffee is grown from 1200 to 1600 masl (meters above sea level).
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Flavor Profile

Medium roast. Smooth body, like butter. Dark chocolate, citrus, and almond taste with a subtle caramel sweetness aftertaste.

Finca Santo Tomas Perdido

Biarte founder and friend walking through the coffee fields stopping to admire the volcano

This is the family farm where the story started. It is located in Solola, Guatemala, specifically the Atitlan region, embracing the skirts of the Atitlan volcano. My family has worked at Finca Santo Tomas Perdido for more than 25 years. For this reason, we are passionate about coffee and are always looking to grow the best coffee.

Coffee Impact & Sustainability

man looking standing in front of waterfall

Coffee in the Atitlan region is not only stupendous to drink but it also has a special meaning to local communities. Consequently, it is a part of many families in the region, including us. The coffee is grown next to lake Atitlan considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Coffee production and trade play a large role in the economic and environmental sustainability of the communities.


view of the coffee farm

Coffee in this area grows from 1200 to 1600 masl.

Additional information

Weight12 oz
Dimensions6 × 4 × 12 in

Ground, Whole Bean


12 oz, 2 lb

12 reviews for First Love – Signature Roast

  1. Tina B.

    ?? Best cup of coffee you’ll ever have!
    Love how perfectly balanced this roast is! Had it in my French press and drip coffee and loved the flavor on both! It’s definitely a little cup of Guatemala at home! Very authentic and as natural as it gets with coffee!

  2. Luis R.

    Best Guatemalan coffee ☕️
    I recently made a cup of coffee and the smell of the beans was enough to have me committed.
    I like my coffee with mid to high acidity, medium roast, medium to light body, and I like accents of anything sweet or nutty or “earth tasting”. This was definitely some of the best coffee I have had in a while.

  3. Lauren S.

    ?? Well balanced coffee
    I’ve been drinking their coffee for the last two months. I can tell it is always a fresh roast because of its intense sweet smell that I love to enjoy first thing in the morning. A friend from work recommended me Biarte a while ago but I was a little hesitant to buy coffee online. After trying it, I can assure you that this one is totally worth it. Pros: smell, roast (never over roasted!), fair price compared to other Specialty coffees. Cons: only one coffee variety thus far.

  4. Eddy

    ?? Amazing Coffee!
    I have been looking for freshly roasted premium coffee in Texas for sometime now, trying both buying from stores or ordering online from well known brands, but nothing compares to Biarte coffee! It is such a smooth coffee with outstanding flavors! You can taste the freshness of it in every sip. Plus, it has an extremely friendly staff, willing to work with you to get you the coffee wherever you are! This is a deal you have to take!

  5. Les M.

    ?? I love this coffee.
    This coffee was amazing. So glad I bought it. I can’t wait for my coffee in the morning. It’s so great to see that the coffee is connected to actual people and not some large multinational corporation.

  6. Vince

    ?? Excellent Coffee
    By far one of the more dynamic coffees I have had in a some time. Ultra fresh nose with well balanced and rich taste that brings me back to my travels through Guatemala.
    Shipping was effortless and quick.
    Will certainly be buying again.

  7. Chad M.

    ?? Kick Butt Coffee!
    Love this coffee. Got my first couple of bags last month and been drinking it daily since!

  8. Alex P.

    ?? Very fast delivery and quality of coffee
    It was a very simple transaction. I order my coffee on a /Tuesday and was at my front door by Thursday of the same week. The coffee was excellent.

  9. Strephanie H.

    ?? Love it
    Best coffee ever!!!

  10. Noel M.

    ?? Looking for authentic coffee from Guatemala?? Look no further!
    Biarte coffee is super delicious, fresh, and a perfect medium roast. Will definitely recommend if you’re looking for an authentic and high quality cup of Guatemalan coffee!

  11. Anna B.

    ?? great tasting coffee
    The coffee was delivered within days of placing the order and this coffee is very good, it has a smooth taste

  12. James K.

    ?? Perfect Christmas Gift
    Ordering, shipping, and delivery was fast and easy! The coffee makes a great Christmas gift or stocking-stuffer.

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