kalita wave setup for preparation KALITA WAVE POUR OVER

Pour Over Recipes

There are many great pour-over options, such as the Hario v60, Chemex, or Orion dripper, but we’ll go with the Kalita Wave 85 for our recipes.

Kalita Wave Recipes

Keep in mind that the times associated with these recipes are not absolute and we encourage you to experiment with your brew yourself!

16:1 Brew Ratio

This recipe often yields a cup with a relatively thin body, but with great flavor and sweetness. While more tea-like, the greater water volume used can lead to flavors that are more developed and delicate. Great for coffees with nuanced tasting notes, and providing a classic cup feeling.

Dose: 21g

Water Used: 336g

First, wet your filter by pouring water into the center until it is halfway full. Allow the water to drain and then empty the water from your cup. When making pour-over coffee, we want to wash our filter to ensure any flavor that can be imparted from the filter into our cup has already been removed.

Now, pour your coffee grounds into the filter, ensuring they are spread out evenly with a flat top.


Bloom: Begin a timer as you pour 80g of water over the coffee. Allow gases to rise, and if you like, stir the coffee with a spoon or swirl with your hand. We want to agitate our coffee immediately after pouring water on it to ensure all of the grounds start extracting at the same time.


Pulse: Once the timer reaches the :40s mark, pour 68g of water over the coffee starting from the center and making circular motions outward. We pour in these concentric circles to ensure all of our coffee grounds are experiencing the same amount of agitation and exposure to water. This will help our extraction quality.


Pulse: Pour an additional 68g water over the coffee, again using circular motions.


Pulse: Pour an additional 68g of water over the coffee. Your scale should now read 240g.


Final Pulse: Now add the final 52g of water to the coffee, making your scale read 294g. After this step, we will allow the water to drain from the brewer into our cup of coffee. It should drain from the brewer somewhere between the 2:40-3:15m mark.

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